That was quick 😳 |
That was quick 😳 |

(via @ggeorg.iew/IG)

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  • Brayton O'Connor
    Brayton O'Connor


  • Wanda Hayes
    Wanda Hayes

    Now come down. Going up was awesome.

  • Joseildo Felipe
    Joseildo Felipe

    Caraca esse sim deveria ser socorrista

  • Relaxe dude
    Relaxe dude

    Robbers at training

  • robert harris
    robert harris

    when she says " hurry my parents will be home in an hour"

  • Somedudeonaiphone Chilling
    Somedudeonaiphone Chilling

    *climbs ladder into burning building* *sits on window* “AHHH MY LEG MY LEG” *climbs again* *sits on window* “AHHH MY LEG MY LEG”

  • Leiupeze Arthur González Navarrete
    Leiupeze Arthur González Navarrete


  • LaTanya Smith
    LaTanya Smith

    Wow!! This guy is Spider Man’s Brother this strength you have is crazy❤️

  • MrOu83

    Impressive. He should still wear a helmet during training. One though, I have never seen fire department personnel run to extinguish a fire, etc. They actually seem to move rather slowly.

  • jeff monk
    jeff monk

    Impressive but try that with boots and gear on.

  • Chue Lor
    Chue Lor

    ive never seen these techniques used in a real situation.. kinda like kungfu

  • J A
    J A

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  • EE E
    EE E

    Ayo that net is kinda smol If I tried that I would some how to that assassin creed thing where you would turn around mid climb and jump completely away from the wall you were on

  • WhereRuNow

    He could be doin U.S.O. shows and selling Bonds

  • Matthew Ayala
    Matthew Ayala

    This is the type of firefighter anyone would want

  • Erik Molnar
    Erik Molnar

    Spiderman don't have $@%t on that guy!

  • Mikey F'n-A
    Mikey F'n-A

    Some serious confidence in that ladder

  • Victor Eduardo
    Victor Eduardo

    Então era assim que Ezio e Altair chegavam tão rápido ao topo dos prédios...

  • Sniper2508


  • jenelle bacchus
    jenelle bacchus

    Whats spider man problem

  • C1AW

    Her: I'm home alone Me:

  • Victor AM
    Victor AM

    real professional!

  • Pa Bailon
    Pa Bailon

    The GOP: you know what works? Walls! 🧐🤔🤨

  • John Ray
    John Ray

    This man should be a firefighter

  • MY Name
    MY Name

    This dude climbed a building in the time it takes me to put on my coat and shoes I-

  • Homi Handmade
    Homi Handmade

    để đi ăn trộm hay làm gì 🤣

  • Asree nuru
    Asree nuru


  • faizan ali
    faizan ali

    Thats crazy

  • Ducky69

    This should be an Olympic sport

  • Blvck One
    Blvck One

    Jesus Christ. That’s insane.


    It's minecraft only with one bucket of water we can climb tallest wall

  • Claudio AGMFilho
    Claudio AGMFilho



    Now thats a tactical ladder

  • Babylon Has Fallen!
    Babylon Has Fallen!

    If Spider-Man lost his super powers.

  • Stimpy Whizzleteeth
    Stimpy Whizzleteeth

    I predict he will go far in life with this skill.

  • Toby 601
    Toby 601

    Just the job if the lift’s out of order

  • ᗜˬᗜ

    True balls of steel

  • TdMj

    Screw his awesomeness! Slow this down and lemme see dat azzzzz. Lerd have mercy!

  • ꧁༒☬Aℓᖘℎα☬༒꧂


  • OUTLAW3693

    I did not expect that lol well done, what a unit 👌

  • Akossii vi
    Akossii vi

    Je.....just normal

  • Kiran MVV
    Kiran MVV

    Let's try that when a building is on fire. This damn impressive thing would then be damn useful too!!

  • verman banhan
    verman banhan

    How he Got the ladder to spring off the ground to begin with blew me away, so I won’t even comment on the rest of the impressive climb!

  • Don W
    Don W

    The human captain America

  • Daniel Bogdan Prisecaru
    Daniel Bogdan Prisecaru

    Wondering if them ladder holders have a glass breaker on their tip

  • Bernd Pa
    Bernd Pa

    Omg ist das krass

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    The quality of this ladder is really good

  • TheTirikou


  • Ronaldo Joe
    Ronaldo Joe

    Peter Parker..?

  • Mulminator

    When she says she's home alone

  • JQ

    That’s fucking dangerous

  • Elite Gaming
    Elite Gaming


  • Dylon Abubo
    Dylon Abubo

    Pffffsh, fire fighter who. That's a fucking marvel hero 😂

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Itna tym to mujhe samajhne me lag gya ki ye karna kya chahta hai 😂

  • Barry Johnson
    Barry Johnson

    very good 👍

  • dragor607 vlogs
    dragor607 vlogs

    This dude has got more trust in that ladder than I do in myself.

  • Mario Pierre
    Mario Pierre

    If the ladder fall you fucked

  • Angel Zarate
    Angel Zarate

    The more I watch this feels like my fatass Is getting a workout in

  • celty Kun
    celty Kun

    Ok now im ready to rob

  • Enrico Pallazzo
    Enrico Pallazzo

    Why tho

  • Faucet Power
    Faucet Power

    Imagine the ladder accidentally slipped off.

  • Charles Marcus
    Charles Marcus


  • Anna P
    Anna P

    New Olympic category. I’d vote for that! He’s the sort you’d want to be in a foxhole with, for sure.

  • Haxorz

    Put this man in the olímpica

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar

    Itna tym to mujhe samajhne me lag gya ki ye karna kya chahta hai 😂

  • Jaymin McDonald
    Jaymin McDonald


  • Kevin Shank
    Kevin Shank


  • Jenny Medlyn
    Jenny Medlyn

    He not just gone save your life he gone save the ppl that build the building too

  • Pran13zaza


  • Bonnie Arnold
    Bonnie Arnold

    Amazing i want Him to put my fire out i mean light my. Fire 🔥

  • DonkeyFN

    There is a ladder to the left connect to the building

  • Enzox shorts
    Enzox shorts

    now just tell me if spider man doesn't exist

  • Agung saputra 01
    Agung saputra 01


  • jackelhigh

    Ok come back down

  • Francine Coleman
    Francine Coleman

    Must have been a pole vault champion at some point in his life! Bet he’s a firefighter now.

  • Cajander Productions
    Cajander Productions

    I know who this is, his name is Giovanni Giorgio but everybody call him Giorgio. World's fastest climber

  • Brent Cray
    Brent Cray

    Impressive! Peter Parker! Lol😃😎😃

  • Jacob Esnard
    Jacob Esnard

    We don’t use pompiers like that in actual firefighting but still dope.

  • Moonlite Girl
    Moonlite Girl

    That's the fireman I want coming to rescue me


    Se escapar....

  • victor perez
    victor perez


  • Emerald_ELXR

    Your hired

  • Atomic Toons
    Atomic Toons

    But in reality he wont do it that easy

  • John Kranig
    John Kranig

    Impressive as that was. Where you gonna come across a building set up like that in real life with windows open like that all the way up where you can throw a leg inside and hoist the ladder up like that?

  • John Kranig
    John Kranig

    Now do it in full gear

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change

    My god the trust that dude has in that ladder

  • Maddy

    New Rust graphics looking good

  • Toni Duval
    Toni Duval

    "Hey babe, I forgot my phone back up at the apartment. Can you-" This dude:

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick

    This is the man I want called if my 8th floor walk up is burning…

  • TheDaggwood

    I want to seenhow long that pace can be kept. Can it be done on a large building with an intelligent roping system?

  • Jae Austin
    Jae Austin

    OSHA: 😐

  • Justin Grigas
    Justin Grigas


  • Nabia gaji
    Nabia gaji svrocks.infoteyKE_qapPQ?feature=share svrocks.infoC4_94TUqLLs?feature=share svrocks.infoWGkJQwapnBs?feature=share

  • Aryan kumar Aryan
    Aryan kumar Aryan

    Why does this remind me of fire force

  • N N
    N N

    What’s he playing as Mario in the old donkey Kong game ?

  • Bill Shepherd
    Bill Shepherd

    Fake that's spiderman

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    When my girlfriend says she’s home alone, but she lives on the 3rd floor.