Coldplay X BTS - My Universe (Official Video)
Coldplay X BTS - My Universe - The new single, taken from the album Music Of The Spheres, out now ( ). Stream/Download here:

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Director: Dave Meyers
EP/Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Director Rep: Jamie Rabineau
Production Co: Freenjoy
Director of Photography: Scott Cunningham
Production Designer: François Audouy
Editor: Nick Gilberg
Additional score: Jon Hopkins

DJ Lafrique - Joe Diao
Angel Moon - María José Retamozo
Eko - Lizeth San Martin
Dorean - Daniel Delgado
Blaze - Rober Gómez
Kasio - Larry Balboa

Service Production: Blur Films
Exec Producer: Zico Judge
Line Producer: Veronica Pales
Art Director: Jon Blud
Lead Hair: Lisa Farrall
FX Makeup: Oxum Fx
Supernova 7 & Dj Lafrique Stylist: Buki

South Korea
Service Production: GE Production
On-Set Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens)
Freenjoy EP: Tiffany Suh
Producer: Emma Sungeun Kim
Director of Photography: Eumko

VFX Calypso, Supersolis, Conform: Ingenuity
VFX Supervisor: David Lebensfeld & Grant Miller
VFX Producer: Jumanah Shaheen

VFX Floris: Rodeo FX
VFX Supervisor: Erik Gagnon
VFX Producers: Julie-Anne Cassidy & Emilie Debiasi

VFX Space, Spaceships: BUF
VFX Supervisor: Stéphane Vogel & Baptiste Cantet
VFX Producers: Camille Gibrat, Philippe Lépine, Annabelle Zoelin

VFX Holograms & CG Characters: AMGI
VFX Supervisors: Colin Brady
VFX Producers: Luke Paglia & Mark Miller

GFX: Territory Studios
GFX Supervisor: Marti Romances
GFX Producers: Lyniel Dao & Ari Ali

Volumetric Capture Studios:
Dimension, London.
Executive Producer / Co-Managing Director: Simon Windsor
Sales/ Client Director: Yush Kalia
Head of Production : Adam Smith
Producer/ Technical Director: Sarah Pearn
Senior Lead Volumetric Technical Artist: Adrianna Polcyn
Animator: Ben Crowe
CG Lighting Artist: Marcella Holmes

Jump Studio (SK telecom), Seoul.
VP, Head of Metaverse Company: Jinsoo Jeon
VP, Head of Metaverse Development: khwan Cho
Executive Producer: Seung Yoon Baek
Business Development: Taekeun Yoon
Producer: Minhyuk Che
Stage Supervisor: Gukchan Lim

Telecine: Company3
Colourist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Producer: Blake Rice

Sound Design & Mix: Fiddle Leaf Sound
Sound Designer: Ben Freer

Coldplay Management/Team:
Coldplay Manager: Dave Holmes
Coldplay Creative Director: Phil Harvey
Coldplay Co-Creative Director: Misty Buckley
Management: Mandi Frost, Arlene Moon, Brooks Roach
Director of Digital & Communications: Chris Salmon
Band Assistant: Emma Jane Randall, Jessie Ogilvy & Lauren Rauch
Video Commissioner: Sam Seager
Beth Fenton - Clothing Creative Director and Stylist
Sadie Williams - Assistance and Seamstress
Tiffany Henry - Grooming, Wardrobe, Dressing Rooms

Big Hit Music, BTS Artist Management/Team:
Visual Creative: Lee Sun Kyoung, Kang Ju Eun, Kim Ga Eun, Hyo Kim

Artist Management: Jang Jin Gu, Kim Su Bin, Lee Jung Min, Park Jun Tae, Lee Seung Byung, Lee Hyeon Ki, Jeong Dae Seong, Song Jae Keun

A&R : Nicole Kim, Daye Shin, Hankyul Yoo, Gia Lim

Hair Stylist: Han Som, Mujin Choi, Lim lee young, Lee Da Eun

Makeup Artist: Kim Da Reum, Seo Yuri, Kim Seon Min

Stylist: Kim Young Jin, Kim Ye Song, Kim Bong Kyu, Shin Sang Cheol, Kim Min Ji

BTS, an acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Beyond the Scene,” is a GRAMMY-nominated South Korean group that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally since its debut in June 2013. The members of BTS are RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. Gaining recognition for their authentic and self-produced music, top-notch performances, and the way they interact with their fans, BTS has established themselves as 21st century pop icons breaking countless world records. While imparting a positive influence through activities such as the LOVE MYSELF campaign and the UN ‘Speak Yourself’ speech, the band has mobilised millions of fans across the world (named ARMY), collected five No.1 Billboard Hot 100 singles in less than a year, performed multiple sold-out stadium shows across the world, and was named TIME’s Entertainer of the Year 2020. BTS has been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards and recognised with numerous prestigious awards like the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Hendra Wayan
    Hendra Wayan

    Hologram?? its 5G ??

  • Olivia Tran
    Olivia Tran

    Great song. Thank you 🙏

  • Codyor

    me gusta pq son las mejores bandas q yo conosco



  • Dania Larsen
    Dania Larsen

    Can’t get this song out of my head… and don’t want too!

  • Alevminnie

    La colaboración del año

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    Doom & Filhota

    Caralho que topp!!

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    rionel aguilar

    Finally a new Coldplay album came out, I'm not BTS fans but I must say that this song is great♥♥♥♥

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    A seguir ARMYS vamos por los 100M

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    Love this song

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    Melissa Montañez

    amo esta canción

  • Zara Khaira
    Zara Khaira

    This super amazing collaborative work proofs that music is powerful to unite people around the world. Through the music, it eliminates the barriers in diversity. My high appreciation to this incredible masterpiece!🙌🏻

  • Kiara Romero
    Kiara Romero

    The best colaboration

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    Kelly Love

  • زوزو

    사랑 해요

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    ෆ *and you make my world light up inside* ෆ

  • Ready1Bri 21
    Ready1Bri 21

    The video of the year! Stream Army goooo

  • Luis Lima
    Luis Lima

    ya queremos ver que coldplay saque su video que solo ellos cantando esa canción

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    ya ya

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    이사벨라 🖤


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    Isti Kookie


  • Suzu

    I love this song so much😍 I am like singing verses in my head all night long-...... you, you are my Universe and~ I just want to put you first (sorry if the words are wrong)..and then when I dont know the lyrics I just end up humming. I feel kinda awkward writing this now hehe😅 A really beautiful song, I am forever grateful to be able to hear this without being in a bad mood. it makes me enjoy it more

  • Parra Serrano
    Parra Serrano


  • Naomi Fabiola
    Naomi Fabiola

    WOW is so perfecto ❤️🌆

  • Araceli OBrien
    Araceli OBrien

    So sad as we could not get tickets for your show in Gdl, México. :( . Could you please open one more day?

  • Milagro Juárez Elías
    Milagro Juárez Elías

    No hay día que no la escuche, es tan hermosa, me anima tanto

  • CcEeRzZ

    En serio , no hay ni un solo día que no reproduzca "MY UNIVERSE " , esta canción despierta sentimientos dentro de mi que no puedo describir con palabras .. solo Bangtan junto a Coldplay para hacer esto ... GRACIAS

  • occopampi bellidoo
    occopampi bellidoo

    i hate bts

    • Alevminnie


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    Lore Luli

    Está bueno parece una película quienes son?

    • Alevminnie

      Codplay y bts

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    Min Min

    Lo mucho que quiero enamorarme para poder sentir de pleno esta canción...

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    La mejor colaboración 💜

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    Angel De01

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    Nicol Guitian

    Esta canción es mi lugar seguro♡

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    Ánh Minh

    hay quá

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    Fed .Z

    y pensar que después de esto se separa coldplay :'v

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    ARMY ONCE forever

    Amooo esto mv me ase sentir bien awww army apoyemos a esta goyita xfa 🤧

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    Katrina Davila

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    Evellin L

    Você é muito da hora essa música ficou muito boa ficou muito da hora 😊😘❤️💓😘

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    Zoe 🍂

    Arte con más arte no es que yo ya no puedo pedir más

  • Zoe 🍂
    Zoe 🍂

    My universe= arte , perfección

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    Zoe 🍂

    Estudiar y escuchar esta canción es lo único que está bien en esta vida ♡ es que enserio uno no se cansa de escuchar esta canción

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    Zoe 🍂

    Falta muy poco para llegar a los 100M estoy emocionada

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    Brandon Tran

    I like bts

  • Sarwar Crypto
    Sarwar Crypto

    such a shame the song dosent grab me, cos the video concept is fantastic

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    es hermosa

  • val

    love u

  • Arvelyn Silagay
    Arvelyn Silagay

    Always start my day with this song . My boys 😭😭😭 saranghae ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for making me stay positive. I hope for the success of your concert soon.sana all nalang haha

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    Katrina Davila


  • bangtans_babe

    Let's gooo 100M were getting closer!!!

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    nicol cruz

    me encanta esta colaboración de coldplay y bts además la cancion ufff es realmente espectacular

  • Jimena Sánchez rimari
    Jimena Sánchez rimari

    My universe Coldplay bts

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    Guadalupe bts Blacio


  • Wendy Gardea
    Wendy Gardea

    my universe soty

  • Rodríguez Merchán
    Rodríguez Merchán

    This is the best thing in the world there is nothing like it. I love you BTS

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    Park nada

    Where is the voice of jimin 😠😡😭😭

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    Luz Maria

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    army forever💜


  • Lara Massi
    Lara Massi

    80m My universe go go, we can do it, more stream in spotifyy come on

  • Lara Massi
    Lara Massi

    200m Film Out come on Army we can do it



  • Aurora Mar
    Aurora Mar

    Vamos por los 100M!!!

  • Laura

    No me canso de escucharla 😌🤌

  • izzy rosie
    izzy rosie

    My Grandfather told my dad mom about "the Beatles and Eric Clapton" Collaboration. My mom told me about "Queen and David Bowie collaboration. Now I will tell my children about "Coldplay and BTS" Collaboration.

  • No one
    No one

    I love this song so much! 😆💞💘

  • Michelle Thompson
    Michelle Thompson

    A BTS Coldplay you are just making this cool and cool and cooler this song video is awesome BTS you my biggest fan

    • izzy rosie
      izzy rosie


  • Aile Flores
    Aile Flores

    UNITED in one song… The Power of MY UNIVERSE!!

    • izzy rosie
      izzy rosie

      Yes and yes !!!!!!!

  • jeje25 M
    jeje25 M

    I wish if I can hear this song live 🥺

    • jeje25 M
      jeje25 M

      @izzy rosie Every army deserves to see BTS once in their life time 💜 Hopefully we'll see ColdTan soon 🙏

    • izzy rosie
      izzy rosie


  • ( •̀ロ•́ )و ḏ-dᥱmoᥒ
    ( •̀ロ•́ )و ḏ-dᥱmoᥒ

    basta, para mi tarea de musica me hicieron escuchar esta canción y no podía prestar atención en hacer la tarea, literalmente me puse a chillar como weon todo el rato

  • Jorge Abdhiel
    Jorge Abdhiel

    This song takes you to another universe. It's Great and Amazing!

    • izzy rosie
      izzy rosie


  • sOmeOne

    2:25 jins voice sound kinda deep here 😳

  • Yoonie Wang
    Yoonie Wang

    Lo más hermoso de la vida.

  • Rosanelly

    Because, Because we come from different sides

  • Yessy S
    Yessy S

    Escuchar esto me hace tener energía

  • Siri Anna
    Siri Anna

    This song gave us what we didn't even know we needed.

  • Seagull JJK
    Seagull JJK

    80M vamos armys :))

  • Lorreine Teixeira
    Lorreine Teixeira

    Essa música é indescritível. Coldplay + BTS + universo é tudo de incrível. Amo demais.

    • bangtans_babe

      No emojis plz that will freeze and slow down the views

  • Seagull JJK
    Seagull JJK

    Escuchando la canción que me mantiene viva xD la verdad :((

  • Widleya Perez
    Widleya Perez

    BTS ft Coldplay es lo mejor que pudo a ver pasado en el mundo de la música

  • Widleya Perez
    Widleya Perez

    Hermosa canción me encanta

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  • faaika drawing academy
    faaika drawing academy

    I am only 12 Year old

  • faaika drawing academy
    faaika drawing academy

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    faaika drawing academy

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    faaika drawing academy


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    Army "S.V"

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    80M incoming ;))

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      Nicholas Hidayat

      I hope the Universe appreciates this song! Seeing you here just made my day :)

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    Uma ARMY qualquer


  • Ismael y Evangelina De Leo
    Ismael y Evangelina De Leo

    bts los mejores

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      Avri Henderson

      @Nazack Bass Los Dos Grupos Son Muy Buenos, No Hay Mejor

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      Nazack Bass

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