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  • The ACE Family
    The ACE Family

    Hi guys!!! Here now reading you comments!! Thank you for the love! I was so eager to share this experience and sorry if I missed a couple points in the video!! I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells when talking about certain things.. Love you all and everyone is sooo beautiful as YOU are.

    • The Redhouse Family
      The Redhouse Family

      I've been going through the comments n reading them I really don't understand why people hop on other people's videos just to put them down like this. It's not okay. And I'm sorry you have to read any of those negative comments Catherine. I know how it feels because I get nothing but trolls and haters on my channel 2 and I have to ignore it. But I'm sorry that you have anything like that going on in your comment section as well. Just stay positive and ignore the people who are too ignorant to understand your journey. God bless you. You are such a strong mama👑.

    • The Redhouse Family
      The Redhouse Family

      @Franki Flores you look up a local Colombian Faja store you should be able to find something like that that's what I had to do to find my garments. Or you can look up the doctor that she went to they should be able to sell them to anybody

    • The Redhouse Family
      The Redhouse Family

      @julissa ordaz I know exactly how you feel girl

    • Betsy De La Cruz
      Betsy De La Cruz

      Certain things? 🤣🤣 just to be honest about the scams and money y’all owe literally just like you transparent about your surgery

    • The Redhouse Family
      The Redhouse Family

      I 100% support your decision🙌👍 a mother I one hundred percent understand everything that you are going through🏋. I'm so happy for you💖 I know recovery is hard🤕. I'm still going thru recovery as well..🙄🛌 I am 2 months post-op after my BBL and lipo 360 and butt implants because the doctor said I was too skinny even though I don't feel that I was🤐... Everybody is different and heals on their own time💖🗣. But so far your results are looking amazing!😍✨ can't wait to see your before and afters girl 🙆🙌! I know it's something everybody looks forward to after getting work done including myself. 🔥🙌I wish you a speedy and safe recovery. 💪👑Be safe and give the kids a hug for me. We love you💛💛 !!From our family to yours 💗

  • Rosemary Habib
    Rosemary Habib

    When you think you have everything only to realize you really dont have all the things.

  • maria


  • Whiteboypmg


  • Balzoe

    She FaceTiming while getting liposuction. I’m sure the Dr Wasn’t happy with her rudeness.

  • 2NiceUnicorns

    The human race is doomed. Oh my god, what is this.

  • Faith Spaulding
    Faith Spaulding

    Catherine without Austin is powerful. She underestimates how popular her own channel would be if she made one. I personally love to see her without him, it gives us a different version of her that’s not being suppressed by Austin. CATHERINE PLS MAKE UR OWN CHANNEL

  • Blanca Vasquez
    Blanca Vasquez

    Does anyone know where I could find the same arm shape wear she has on ?

  • Cynthia Harris
    Cynthia Harris

    Love you girl

  • Roxie G
    Roxie G

    Can YOU do a channel? Love your energy !

  • Anjellica Dasilva
    Anjellica Dasilva

    she bought Kylie Baby Skin

  • Mr. VG
    Mr. VG

    Can’t believe people still like these assholes after stealing a bunch of money from the fight 🤣


    يا حظك ودي اسويها ):

  • Shannon Lawrence
    Shannon Lawrence

    You talk to much

  • Johari Mar
    Johari Mar

    This video did a whole 360 😂 and I love it 🤍

  • Raven Petgrave
    Raven Petgrave

    Getting plastic surgery is fine its nice to see transparency when all these celebs be lying but you lost me when u said u cant grow muscle in your arms cuz of genetics etc 😂😂😂😂 its okay to not want work out dont be lying now

  • Anezka S
    Anezka S

    And your nose snd your bbl

  • Alice Machado
    Alice Machado

    I love this Catherine! You always manage to inspire me! And when I say Always, I mean it ❤️ I Thank God for your existence

  • Gitanjali Ramji
    Gitanjali Ramji

    Please do something about ur hair.

  • sweetlexipie

    Don't use your kids as money signs 💯 😒 😴

  • Anastasija Stvc
    Anastasija Stvc

    What did she do? Don‘t wanna watch the whole video

  • Adriee

    I’m sure she had her bbl in those two months she took off from SVrocks 💀💀

  • abril rojas
    abril rojas

    Use me as a “Catherine needs her own channel” button ✨

  • Evelyn

    Love you so much catherine you have a beautiful mind and that makes you even more beautiful 💜

  • Krishangee Das
    Krishangee Das

    She needs to see a Psychiatric for her Body Dismorphia issue. Lol

  • TheOutsidersPost

    How you about to have a personal chef and a gym and still do this?

  • TheOutsidersPost

    Talking about spirituality and loving ones self. Then you go and get this done? The people who still believe in this family are desperate. Holding out for the chance to be like them and live an extravagant life. They do smoke and mirrors very nicely. I do not want your family to be homeless. But I want you and hubby to eat some humble pie.

  • TheOutsidersPost

    So us regular folk and normal people work out and have a balanced diet. To get down to the weight we desire. You literally have a massive gym, a personal cook, no responsibility beyond the family and you cannot find the time to actually work towards something? Hey it’s your money, I am not going to tell you how to spend it. But don’t preach about positivity

  • TheOutsidersPost

    What’s positive about changing yourself physically to look like a Barbie doll?

    • Marisol Velazquez
      Marisol Velazquez


  • Clara Vlogs
    Clara Vlogs

    Omg I want to do my arms too 💕 I heard of micro air lipo 👍

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    journey and being transparent. You’re loved!

  • Cassandra Hernandez
    Cassandra Hernandez

    my mommy passed away 5 months ago and i feel so lost right now with out her. Catherine i am in tears, you're that mom figure for me right now and the ending of this video makes me cry because i am at a point of such confusion but your words are everything right now. thank you

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Did she say she has implants?

  • Jenny Monique Valdez
    Jenny Monique Valdez

    Im late watching this video been living life ❤️♠️ love you so much Catherine everything you say helps so much your wisdom is so beautiful. You and your words are so pure 💓 cant even explain how your words help so much

  • Deyanira Vences
    Deyanira Vences

    The end of the video made me cry 😭😭🤍🤍 I genuinely love and agree with you!! 🤍🤍

  • Jasmin Reyes
    Jasmin Reyes

    She did something to her face huh

  • Life Of Jovon L Peoples
    Life Of Jovon L Peoples

    I don’t understand why y’all ace family lying to your fan about everything and the truth is coming out about you just lying 🤥 about it saying everything is false but Austin and Catherine are the lier

  • Vonna B
    Vonna B

    Good for you being able to have a procedure done but you know you could get a waist trainer for non show belly outfits. We all have flaws don't be afraid to imbrace them. Even though we may feel self conscious but you can wear what you want. Muffin top or kangaroo pouch. Get the right clothes to cover it if you want💕🙏🏽 thanks for sharing this with is Catherine 💕

  • Big Little
    Big Little

    I don’t understand how this belongs on a family channel. And talking about spirits brought you together rubbish…. But good job promoting this to kids 😒

  • VM

    Isn’t this a family kids channel 🤪🙄

  • Mazy Meriem
    Mazy Meriem

    Changing your body doesn't change who you're Why ppl doesn't juste love them selfs the way they are It's my opinion ☺️😛

  • Barbara Sibongile Mtambo
    Barbara Sibongile Mtambo

    You're caring soul and you love your family keep b 💪

  • C Monroe
    C Monroe

    I love when people prioritize vanity over a home🤣🤣🤣 fools and their money are soon parted.

  • Jennifer Watts
    Jennifer Watts


  • Selena Torres
    Selena Torres

    we just not gonna talk about the fact that they getting evicted soon

  • Anaiya Martínez
    Anaiya Martínez

    Did she say she has implants?

  • Thathimmpa

    Fk that smh just work out smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Raylene Chanel
    Raylene Chanel

    This video makes me so excited for Catherine's channel 🥺 she is genuinely beautiful not just on the outside but truly on the inside ❤️ GIRLLL we are ready for you!!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

    • Sienna White
      Sienna White

      Lmfao 😂😂😂

  • Clara

    ‘No kids to protect and my belly has a belly pouch’ gang where you at?✋🏼

  • Breanna Charles
    Breanna Charles

    Make ur own channel ASAP Catherine

  • Breanna Charles
    Breanna Charles

    I love Catherine’s heart to heart videos like this. ❤️

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    So I’m assuming this means no more kids. I hope she she finds the confidence she looking for

  • Victoria Spota
    Victoria Spota

    Lies. Weird. Creepy is all you are. Brainwashed. Manipulative.

  • E A
    E A

    I just love her.❤️ One of the most amazing women I have seen on social media. She’s also more beautiful than ever! „If something makes you happy, it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else.“

    • TheOutsidersPost

      If you like Barbie dolls and he likes scam artist ensure

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Like hour not even “good looking” cause your all paid for


    Catherine needs that channel ASAP 😩😩😩

  • natascha bertschi
    natascha bertschi

    You are so needy 🙄

  • Luna Shiness
    Luna Shiness

    please start your channel already !!!!!!!

  • Paula A
    Paula A

    Love her!!!

  • A A
    A A

    I have the same arm fluffiness omg. I’m so insecure about it, Especially when I gain weight

  • Dervin Meza
    Dervin Meza

    stfu and go scam little kids

  • Badiut Zaman
    Badiut Zaman

    I just love you Catherine. You have the most beautiful soul and you are amazing

  • Elisha Valencia
    Elisha Valencia

    You're there Catherine!!!! I couldn't have said it better then u just did!! I love ur soul amor keep shining bright

  • SugarTrapz

    I think I was meant to see this video.

  • Kamisa Philip
    Kamisa Philip

    LOVE TO SEE BLACK Surgeons!!! 👏🏿👏🏿😍

  • Alicia Ho
    Alicia Ho

    We need more videos of Catherine talking about spirituality

  • Ace Is dummy
    Ace Is dummy

    There kids and Catherine need to be saved. Share this message. Austin is/was selling inappropriate pictures of his kids- there have been accusations of violent behaviors. This family needs to be stoped. DONT subscribe to them please save these people.

  • Samantha Truong
    Samantha Truong

    Its so funny when catherine does the “hey ace family” 😂

  • L B
    L B

    what if Catherine starting her own channel is Catherine’s first step to try to leave Austin by having her own platform and financial freedom and she doesn’t have one yet bc Austin knows this

  • Nathan Weimorts
    Nathan Weimorts

    Like hour not even “good looking” cause your all paid for😂😂

  • Reba Bowman
    Reba Bowman

    Did anyone else notice when Catherine was talking about her grandmother @ 4:30 the camera refocused as if her grandmother was making an appearance?? 🥰💓💓

  • belle

    The perfect body is the one that has a happy woman inside it.

  • Yasmaily Suriel
    Yasmaily Suriel

    So glad I stayed for the whole video 👏🏼👏🏼❤️thank you so much for the inspiration! So much needed, btw you’re perfect 😍 love you so much

  • Nunya Bizznizz
    Nunya Bizznizz

    grifter con artists.........look up the many lawsuits and victims is it going to take to stop them?

  • Origin_square753

    I really wish I can afford that… 😔 I suffer from major depression and body dysmorphia so it sucks.. I just can’t afford it

  • Luz Miranda
    Luz Miranda

    Loveee how you’re being transparent about your fat-phobia. People cant be fat and fashionable?

  • Megan Dougherty
    Megan Dougherty

    I just love her

  • Jackii Chavez
    Jackii Chavez

    She did not need any of that omg

  • Mandii Miraa
    Mandii Miraa

    Who else got a food chopping/meat chopping game AD during this video 😂🤭

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M

    You’re so amazing Catherine ❤️

  • Gabriella

    How bout you just work out ? The arm fat could easily get rid of if you did push ups …

  • Doctor Nawar Sabah
    Doctor Nawar Sabah

    Allah biggest mistake is creation of human!

  • tess erz
    tess erz

    if i had money i’d do what makes me happy

  • nita v
    nita v

    I'm only here for the comments

  • kizzle

    don’t forget to mention your previous plastic surgeries as well, Ms. Nose Job

    • Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE
      Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE

      "We're all one"....reminds me of Bo Burnham during his "Make Happy" speech where he says "Now we're all the same. I mean, you're all facing this way still" At least he's honest and recognizes that is a farce told by self centered, narcissist performers to either make themselves feel better, give their fans a sense of belonging, or both. Stop it. Just stop it.

  • Vanessa Fletes
    Vanessa Fletes

    All of a sudden you wanna be honest. Good for y’all I see you humbling up now after all your lawsuits and home going on auction. Y’all need to sit your narcissistic selves down because if you don’t shit is gonna keep happening. Humble yourselves not just right now that everything’s going bad bc The moment it starts getting better and your not humble anymore some shits gonna go down again. This isn’t being authentic Catherine if this is only ONE TRUTH VERSUS 10000000 LIES.

  • tess erz
    tess erz

    yuck that made me feel sick

  • Heather

    Now everyone knows where all the scammed money has gone. I cant believe these people are still showing off like this, knowing how much money they stole from their followers.... so sad but whats even more sad is the amount of people they still have gaslit into believing they are good human beings. So disgusting

  • tess erz
    tess erz


  • Leslie Rivera
    Leslie Rivera

    Who doesn’t know how to collect a urine sample? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • nyehma Jack
    nyehma Jack

    love your nail💖💖

  • nini

    wait that lil pep talk she gave us saying do whatever you want don’t care what people say is so trueee like bro why care about what other LITERAL STRANGERS THINKKK LIKE they have their own life they worry about do whatever youuuuuuu wanttttt YOLOOOO

  • Kenyia Chance
    Kenyia Chance

    I love your videos ace family can you give me a shot out

  • EJ Garcia
    EJ Garcia

    I like watching when you tubers take us along on their plastic survey journeys but this was distracting. She was on the phone and I most definitely want the Dr to be focused! Maybe he was but maybe it was more to distract herself but still!

  • Selina

    Hey Catherine you told something about trauma, maybe you can check out the iopt method by Franz Ruppert it's a beautiful work to heal from trauma we all have.

    • Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
      Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Catherine has the prettiest eyes i’ve ever seen. they literally sparkle 😻

  • Bianca Rodriguez
    Bianca Rodriguez

    Love this needed to hear this 🤍👏🏼

  • xo, Shani
    xo, Shani

    I fxcking love Catherine.