Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Ask Each Other 40 Questions | The Couples Quiz | GQ
It's The Couples Quiz! In this episode, we peek into the relationship of Megan Fox and Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly. They ask each other all sorts of questions (and hopefully know the answers). Can MGK name all of Megan's tattoos? What did they do on their first date? Does Megan know the name of his sixth album? Find out which one of these lovebirds knows the other best.

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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Ask Each Other 40 Questions | The Couples Quiz | GQ

  • Maria Inman
    Maria Inman

    ❤️❤️ love it... they are so cute together

  • Emily Dahlin
    Emily Dahlin

    “Be abducted by a UFO” on the bucket list. Saaaame.

  • Corie

    “Clank clank” at 2:06

  • G x b b y
    G x b b y

    They're so cute omfg

  • C Evans
    C Evans

    She should be with someone like Chris Evans not this puke 🤢🤮

  • Jade Parry
    Jade Parry

    Genuinley thought it was Megan Fox and Ellen degeneres 🤣

  • Carrie lee Saidi
    Carrie lee Saidi

    After watching this I kinda like their relationship more. They seem happy genuinely ❤

  • Nipsta 81
    Nipsta 81

    Conner Vs Kelly

  • Crap_filled_vuh_jye_nuh


  • Kiara Hutchinson
    Kiara Hutchinson

    They the couple we never knew we needed,I can't believe that she's is as Harry Potter obsessed like me,and I love the same one she does

  • PepeHands

    ''I am weed'' *Laughs In Snoop Dogg*

  • RuRu 86
    RuRu 86

    Say what you want about these two but they seem really happy together and have great chemistry

  • Peter Bazinet
    Peter Bazinet

    I can't wait for SNL to do a parody of this (if they haven't already).

  • Mít kliku
    Mít kliku

    She starting to look more and more like the kardashains same plastic surgeon I assume

  • pranjali chavan
    pranjali chavan

    I really wanna know what the doctor said!!!!

  • Trisda Anderson
    Trisda Anderson

    They are so so cute😍😍😍

  • Camrin Costa
    Camrin Costa

    It's good to know that Megan fox and I have the same favorite movie

  • salam tort
    salam tort

    Why am I reminded of Trump?

  • Cherie St. John
    Cherie St. John

    I love them together. This was awesome 👏

  • najrae19

    I'm embarassed. These two are painfully cringey. I love Megan Fox still. I saw the second TMNT film 🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • 8 8
    8 8

    All she does is talk over him and steal focus. Like, it's ALWAYS about HER. SO not impressed. Thumbs down. And if this manner of speaking and behavior that she's doing is considered SO smart & intellectual- I'm a freaking genius. 🙄

  • Emma Maskiell
    Emma Maskiell

    wait i’m obsessed with them they’re so cute

  • Kush Papi
    Kush Papi

    Nipsey his girl came to the shown 1,2 months before nipsey died.. Finger cross🤞

  • sean reid
    sean reid

    Loved this

  • Filtiarin

    Shouldve asked MGK why he even thought of coming into the rock scene

    • zrizzle

      Because he has always been in the rock scene

  • Martin Moffat
    Martin Moffat

    Kelly is only known for his girlfriend

  • Osama Snackbar
    Osama Snackbar

    Meerkat Gun Kelly

  • Jujiro Matsuda
    Jujiro Matsuda

    Тётя ниче, симпатичная, но этот паренёк просто пиздец, нахер эта пижама блин, купи себе нормальный костюм, глянь как одет тот же Джейсон Стетхем или Пдиди

  • Memoirs of a Dude
    Memoirs of a Dude

    Oh. Different shoes for mgk. Is that new fashion?

  • Abomination

    Disgusting bunch of people !! Megan Fox - more annoying

  • Aira Iwasaki
    Aira Iwasaki

    wait...theyre kinda goals????

  • Bernadette

    I think they actually suit and balance each other

  • Kat Ashken
    Kat Ashken

    They’re both so cute and go good with each other ✨🌺

  • Marie Forbes
    Marie Forbes

    I love u Meghan 😍😍😍😍

  • Michelangelo Oliver
    Michelangelo Oliver

    He’s IN LOVE

  • Sameer Zia
    Sameer Zia

    Wtf is she on? Pisces and 12th sun wtf???

  • Marie Forbes
    Marie Forbes

    I love you guys!!! 🤍🌸🤍

  • MrChazzahc

    All for nothing, Won't be with each other by 2023. Two plastics.

  • Hibbo KeYze
    Hibbo KeYze

    Is he wearing 2 different boots or am I seeing wrong?

  • rahma Audie
    rahma Audie

    Something so romantic about ‘we shared a kiss’🥺

  • Valerie Warren
    Valerie Warren

    No chemistry 🧪

  • tina ballerina
    tina ballerina

    two empty narcissistic people are talking within a toxic relationship with each others. that was so uncomfortable to watch and is definitely not my couple goal

  • Isha Chisti
    Isha Chisti

    Megan looks stunning here

  • Shubham Manna
    Shubham Manna

    And the same guy once tried to diss Eminem

  • Александр Андропов
    Александр Андропов


  • msbbdarling

    They’re so cute omg

  • Donny Mate
    Donny Mate

    who tf watches this kinda stuff

    • Donny Mate
      Donny Mate

      omg im obsessed

  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller

    everyone in the comments , they are made together!! yet they will be broken up within a year haha

  • Nichole Rulloda
    Nichole Rulloda

    12:57 I can't 😂😂

  • Leo's Tarot
    Leo's Tarot

    When she was with Brian, she covered up. With MGK, she showing bare skin plus assets.

  • Sawsan

    When Kourt & Travis ?

  • Pournami Roy
    Pournami Roy

    They are both so chill and real, unlike some couples...I love it

  • Animebro Lover
    Animebro Lover

    1:43 my math teacher giving me my mark on my exam out of 10

  • Jack Keough
    Jack Keough

    The way they mispronounce nietzsche hurts me

  • Oli Hoxhaj
    Oli Hoxhaj

    These people aree sooo cringey

  • vipul rane
    vipul rane

    Looks like MGk is now SMGk

  • Soapie Soap
    Soapie Soap

    When you share a birthday with MGK and Megan gives you your full astrological run down 😎

  • Jillian Pham
    Jillian Pham

    omg i find them so cringe, everyone in the comments loves this interview, i was so embarrassed watching this and idk why

  • Keapon Laffin
    Keapon Laffin

    good lord what a bunch of kids. theyre how old now... 15? these are "adults" people, these are "your stars" people... wake up and smell the coffee. these people dont deserve a single second of your lifes energy.

  • J T G F I T
    J T G F I T

    I feel he’s very caring and gives a relaxed vibe…but she’s trying to act like Kim…be yourself😀

  • Sara Taylor
    Sara Taylor

    I love them together so so much 🧡

  • Arnold Munez
    Arnold Munez

    This is disgusting to witness, please delete this video.

  • khusmana

    Gq is cursed bestie

  • thooming

    ya gotta get flacko and rihanna on dis

  • Kay Zee
    Kay Zee

    Angelia Jolie and Billy bob Thornton over here like…..”amateurs”.

  • Nyah

    Not I am weed like 😂

  • Paulina Sjöberg
    Paulina Sjöberg

    Why does she sound like she's talking like Kim?

  • Kayls :P
    Kayls :P

    bruhhh they have a lil handshake... literally the cutest

  • erl br
    erl br

    this was hella cringe

  • Spare

    So what the doctor said plss 🥺

  • Tony Soprano
    Tony Soprano

    Question 1: are you weed?

  • Rj

    There genuinely the best couple out there

  • Zosia W
    Zosia W

    They look so in love when they said sushi at the same time

  • Julian Ziegler
    Julian Ziegler

    the handshakes hit different :')

  • foodisgreat

    his look when she asked "what’s my hidden talent" 4:25 💀

  • Kiana Reynolds
    Kiana Reynolds

    but what did the doctor say LOL

  • Aisa Ershadi
    Aisa Ershadi

    I like the conversation at 12:24. the chemistry is just… wow

  • Bianca x
    Bianca x

    I feel like this is a fling and when she is close to 40's they might split. Hollywood relationships never last

  • DJx

    Boodah?! Why does she call him that?!

  • Rosamy

    That bucket list one is mine too😂 Edit - Every fu*king likes and dislikes of her matches mine😮

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Literally couple goals. I never wanted to date my own sign so bad. Both of them are Taurus and that explains A L O T

  • tylakhalif

    The person below me is human 👇

  • Christian Ureña
    Christian Ureña


  • Call Me Calypso
    Call Me Calypso

    I didn't know Kim Kardashian was dating this guy!!

  • Ujay Orji
    Ujay Orji


    • Ujay Orji
      Ujay Orji

      @Ask to seduce Miss it is!

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      best QA

  • Rahat Parween
    Rahat Parween

    They look super cute together 💕🙌🏼

  • Sam

    Megan is a potterhead 🖤 love her even more now

  • Morgan Ohlen
    Morgan Ohlen

    They are cute but I also get the vibe they wanna be an it couple so bad lol.

  • MK Family
    MK Family

    Wow . She knew his whole astrological background lol.. Probably more than he knew himself 😂

  • leonie florina
    leonie florina

    They are soooo pretty together

  • Sachar Davids
    Sachar Davids

    OK but no CAP - Nine Perfect Strangers was a flawless show.

  • Ssss

    “u like smell weed” “I AM WEED”

  • Moneesha kash
    Moneesha kash

    Wow!!! Their chemistry is off the charts

  • Nicole Z
    Nicole Z

    What did the doctor say????

  • Quintin Mattaini
    Quintin Mattaini

    This is wholesome 😂

  • Suhashi Inimankada
    Suhashi Inimankada

    their first meeting was such a meet-cute😍💗

  • MacKenzie♡♡

    Isnt his name Richard colson?