NBA Youngboy "Heart & Soul" REACTION
DJ Ghost
"So Look Bro" Podcast:

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    Ghost is like the big uncle i never had, even though he don't know me, he gives me perspective and advice. Realest dude on youtube💯💯

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    Youngboy is actually such a inspiration in millions of peoples lives and one of his songs can spread insight and empathetic flows that stimulate the human brain and puts the frontal lobe at peace

  • kennedy has no chill
    kennedy has no chill

    I love how ghost really tryna put some insight in the youngins, cause the streets don't love nobody 💯

  • Miguel_924

    Dj Ghost is the only guy I know who will make a 6 minute video into a 18 minute video

  • Cursed Bear
    Cursed Bear

    Theres only a few people that actually understand what NBA is going through. So many rappers are fake for the image, but NBA really lived it. Through thick and thin he loyal to what he was taught and observed. He's using music to bring out his pain. Without the music, lord knows what this man could've done already. But he is blessed beyond belief. Can't really describe. Its funny people want this lifestyle like its cool. It ain't cool. It never has been cool. Be blessed you have someone on your side. You could have a million people with you, but no one to sleep with you when the clouds come.

  • ThasMando tory
    ThasMando tory

    Time doesn't heal anything ,

  • Life With Cam
    Life With Cam

    I love the old head side of Ghost that’s always dropping knowledge during reactions 💙… I always listen 💯

  • Darvin Charles
    Darvin Charles

    To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer ❤️

  • Rene Mendoza
    Rene Mendoza

    NBA young boy going hard bro I hope the best for him and shout-out to everyone who is trying to stay positive hang in there and love this channel it’s one of the best 😳

  • King Kahn
    King Kahn

    This man just told a bible story like it was a hood chronicle 😂😂

  • Big Pancho
    Big Pancho

    " you will never in life be 100% you just gotta know how to life through it " - DJ ghost

  • Your not that guy trust me
    Your not that guy trust me

    Skipping his videos lead you to another pause in the video 😭😭😭

  • jaimyn Xx
    jaimyn Xx

    Bro I feel u with sparking the wrong side of the blunt 😂💯

  • Jaden vance
    Jaden vance

    all this man does is speak facts. watching his reactions to the song after i’ve already listened to it , always gives me a different out look or views on the song. this song is legendary. 💚

  • Kay 3
    Kay 3

    When Ghost said “Time heals pain” that hit different cuz he’s not capping💯

  • Von

    "You can make yo pain a success, a beautiful struggle"

  • SafeTrucking mama’s boy
    SafeTrucking mama’s boy

    Turning pain to success is a wonderful feeling and you won’t take the small good things for granted , much love fam



  • King

    Young boy is in his prime rn

  • Cevyn Franklin
    Cevyn Franklin

    this the reaction we was waiting on🔥